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About the Brand

My name is Aliyah, owner and founder of Al Hubb (the love) Clothing. Our brand specializes in handmade, eccentric, and modest Muslim women’s garments, particularly known as Abayas. Al Hubb Clothing is a luxury brand that embraces women’s identities and celebrates their diversity around the world. Our primary goal is to empower Muslim women to stay true to their authentic selves while maintaining their modesty.


In today’s fashion landscape, I, as a Muslim woman, find it essential to break away from the trends that the fashion industry and social media dictate. The Islamic dress code has faced compromises due to the pressures of modernization. 

Every piece at Al Hubb is thoughtfully handcrafted to embody simplicity, class, and minimalism, all while maintaining women’s modesty, comfort, and practicality. Our reputation as a luxury brand stems from our commitment to sourcing high-quality materials  and craftsmanship

for each design. 

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